Raise your spirits with Session 1 of Postural Integration.

We loosen the fascia of the chest, the intercostal muscles, the diaphragm and abdominals. These restrict the expansion of the chest during breathing. The sternum is lifted and the pec. muscles are stretched to begin the opening of the shoulders. Feelings of suffocation, weight on the chest, depression are lifted. The breath becomes more spontaneous, now long, now short as the body requires it.

Change the way you breathe and feel more alive!

Session 2

'Standing on your on two feet' releases the restrictions and rigid stances held in the fascia of the feet and legs. These are the restrictions that keep you walking down the same old path, that prevent you from 'taking steps' to improve  or change your life. Your stride will lengthen, feelings of being held back, hamstrung or stuck, melt as the tissues soften and your stance becomes less rigid and more fluid, more able to adapt to new situations and willing to move in new directions if necessary.

Session 2 challenges your notions about where you stand in your world.

Session 3 gives you wings!

The lateral muscles of the upper torso and shoulder allow you to reach out to grasp the things you want. In contrast, the lower torso muscles allow you to bend and twist out of the way of stuff you don’t want. This is a good session if you feel you ‘catch’ too much responsibility and are unable to say no or delegate. It also frees the muscles that hold the arm back and down, as a consequence, that feeling that you can't have or can't do is reduced and you are better able to put your hand up and say ‘this is what I want’ and put your plans into action.

Reclaim your power.

Session 4 begins the work on the ‘core’.

The muscles of the thigh are your power house and reflect feelings of your strength and hence your ability to make change in your world. Knee problems arise as a result of the thighs being activated to counter the feeling of 'being a pushover' or 'being weak'. Unlocking the fascia of the thighs gives you a feeling of greater strength and security. You will feel more in control of your life and the direction you want your legs to take you.

‘This is the path I have chosen and I walk it with confidence’

Session 5 Listen to your inner wisdom.

The muscles of the abdomen control your ability to open out. When you do open out, you risk exposing your delicate and sensitive self to the world. Closed feelings, including fear, guilt, lack of trust and shame are at home in our gut. As the old tensions of the gut are released, you become more open to receive the other, good feelings that are out there for you. You listen to, and trust in the gut feelings and intuitions that arise here that in the past may have been overpowered by the old.   

Its your choice in Session 6

Your strength and support come from the spine and legs working well together. In this session we release tensions held in the buttocks and lower back that have been inhibiting your ability to turn the legs and bend at the hips. As a result you are able to change direction with ease, you feel stronger and more secure in yourself and you let go of stuff you have been carrying around for a long time.

Session six has you finding the strength in yourself to make decisions and carry through with your plans.

Losing your Head Session 7

Time to face up to it. We mask our true feelings with the face we show the world. Sometimes we are so unhappy with the face we have, we paint over it completely when we go out. If you have been putting on a brave face, can’t face it, don’t like the person you see in the mirror, session seven removes the tensions that sustain this view of yourself and limit your expression of how you really feel. The face you show the world will be more open, you will smile more readily and frown and cry and feel more able to face up to your challenges. 

Sessions eight, nine and ten

Session eight and nine begin the realignment phase, as it were - putting you back together. By now, the old you has been unravelled and you will be noticing shifts in the way you move through and respond to, your world. Now we use long strokes and visual imagery to help unify left and right sides, top and bottom halves, and front and back. Broad sheets of fascia are stretched to complement the work of the earlier phases and complete the lengthening and repositioning process. If necessary, 'catchup' stokes are used in areas where extra work is needed.

We ask you to use your new awareness of your self, to practice the new posture, stance and walking pattern so that these become embodied, replacing the old and becoming your new way of being.  

The 're-formation' process continues to work through your body for 6 months after the sessions complete. It is better that you allow yourself this time to complete without beginning any new change process you may have in mind. Take a minute to look at the person who started the process 20 weeks earlier and compare your two different selves.

 How do you imagine yourself to be?