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Postural Integration is a series of ten, intensive massage and body awareness sessions aimed at changing the tensions in your body which create and sustain your posture.

These sessions not only reduce the tension in your body but also expand your awareness of how you use your body, and how you act/react in a sometimes unconscious manner to the challenges you face daily.

How you make your posture

You tense your muscles in response to feelings in your body. If you feel happy, you tense the face muscles into a smile, if you feel the weight of responsibility, you tense the shoulder muscles to 'carry the load' (even though there is no 100kg weight on your shoulders). When a feeling/response set is repeated, it becomes 'em-body-ed' (taken into the body) and the tension forms part of your posture. Complex feelings like 'I feel pressured' can become embodied as 'I am always rushing' or 'I always give in' because these ways of being have kept you safe in the past. 

Your posture then, is not a bad habit but a complex set of muscle tensions and actions that you have developed to deal with the the challenges you have faced in your life up until now. When we release the tensions in the muscles through Postural Integration, we also help to release the old behaviours that have been embodied, leaving you free to re-form yourself through new awareness and conscious action leaving behind the old, unconscious reaction.

What happens in the sessions

Each of sessions one to seven work a different area of the body and progress through a sequence of slow massage strokes from superficial to deep. There may be some talking about what is happening for you during the sessions including what you are feeling, what images are being brought to mind.

Part of the process is to get you to make marks on paper at the end of each session. These drawings help you to clarify and externalise any feelings which may be uncovered during the process.

They can reveal beliefs you hold about yourself that keep you from doing things. ‘I can’t draw!’ may be one of those beliefs. Not everyone is an artist but everyone can express themselves in colour and shape.

Most often, they give an insight into the changes that are occuring as a result of the bodywork.  

This sequence of drawings show the progress of one client through the treatment.

Sessions eight to ten balance left to right, front to back, top to bottom and move large sheets of tissue in the realignment phase.

Once the muscular tensions have been removed, you will be guided to create a new posture, your movement will become more fluid, graceful, and you will find greater ease in your day to day activity.

This treatment is particularly good for those who: feel ‘stuck in a rut’; want something more but don’t know what; have long term pain or illness; who have ‘tried everything but nothing seems to change’.

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