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Dr Masaru EmotoNow, here’s a concept! A Japanese researcher, Dr Masaru Emoto, has set out to “prove that subtle energy (thoughts, intentions) can alter states of matter”.

Dr Emoto’s experiments have primarily taken on the form of exposing samples of water  to the spoken word, written labels, and projected thoughts, and then freezing it to observe the crystals. As the frozen water melted under the microscope he took photographs of the crystals to see the different shapes that these subtle vibrations formed. His observations have shown that water “has the ability to register and store vibrations”. Even more interesting are the shapes that the crystals take on as a result of these vibrations.

For example, water that was played Mozart’s ‘Air on a G string’ produced “beautiful crystalline shapes”, whereas heavy metal produced ugly forms and colours. A ‘Thank you’ label on the container, produced symmetrical crystals, while ‘you fool’ again produced a fragmented mass.

On a larger scale, water was taken from Fujiwara Dam before and after a prayer was directed at it, the resulting crystals were quite extraordinary in contrast.

Dr Emoto has written the following books on the subject: “Prelude to the Hado Era”, “Studies of the Human through Hado” and “Messages from Water”.

All very fascinating you say, well, let’s put another slant on it. Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, and so is the planet. If we constantly project negative energy towards ourselves, to other people and the world, in what we think, feel, say or do, then the water inside us and outside us will reflect that energy. Just how powerful is that concept.

This sort of research is a big plus for all energetic healing practices – Reiki, Homeopathy and affirmation type therapy that Louise Hay writes about, for example.

It can only do us good to be more positive about ourselves and our surroundings. So here’s a challenge: find a sticky label, put something positive on it about yourself and stick it on the inside of your shirt (outside for the brave). Then observe how you feel through the day, it can’t do you any harm and it might actually do you good. Give it a go!

Hado* creates words. Words are vibrations of nature. Therefore, beautiful words create beautiful nature.

Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.

Masaru Emoto

* Hado means vibration

Material taken from article in Living Now, July 2005, written by Dr Hazel Wardha, and internet site Copyright 2005 to Dr Masaru Emoto.


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