Love Your Car

Do you have a Mercedes Benz? (or something similar) Do you love and pamper it, top it up with oil, make sure there’s enough water in it and then get it serviced every 5,000 kms, as specified by your mechanic? You do? Wonderful.

Now, how about your body! When we are born we’ve generally been give the top of the range model, our body is in perfect condition, with all the best nutrients the manufacturer (mum and a bit of dad) could supply us with.

While we are young we get pampered and nurtured with the right types of fuel and put through our paces to make sure we are functioning properly.

Then at a certain age we take over, and we put rubbish in the tank, and we keep it running at all hours, we bingle it and very occasionally take it back to the manufacturer for a bit of a attention (TLC), to be filled up with some decent nutrients and have the dings taken out (emotional support). Then off we go again.

After some years of this type of treatment the perfect vehicle we were born with starts to present problems; we’re not running as efficiently as we would like, we smoke, we know that the suspension’s not the best, we pull to the right, and that wasn’t a leak! Not me!

Unfortunately we can’t just trade ourselves in for a newer model, even though the scientists are working on it, and to get replacement parts is such an expense and emotional effort, like trying to find parts for a Silver Cloud.

So let’s work with what we’ve got, bring it back into balance, rub down the physical, pour in the good nutrition, top up the water, chill out and take time to cruise, and with this all happening you’ll find you’re enjoying the journey. Love your car!

By Evie Housham


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