If the bra fits ...

From likemybaby.blogspot.comRecently, I updated my bra collection and was persuaded to buy an underwire with padding. It made me feel very shapely, and gave me confidence in those strappy little tops that are all the rage. However, when I took it off I felt as if my breasts were bruised around the sides. So, I decided to look into this. I came across some very interesting facts that made me realise that if my bra didn’t fit me properly I could be doing myself some harm.

Bras, or any clothing, which are too tight can restrict lymphatic flow and cause a blockage of fluids and toxins. “The lymphatic system is situated just below the level of the skin. It helps to maintain fluid balance in tissues and absorb fats from the digestive tract.  It is also part of the body’s defence system against micro organisms and other harmful substances”*.  The constrictive nature of bras can also cause muscular and even skeletal problems if ignored. It is, therefore, essential for women to be fitted properly for bras, a service offered in many lingerie stores. After weight change, or pregnancy, bra sizing should be reviewed, and don’t let that bra get too tatty either, wire sticking out can be dangerous, so be proud in your undies.

There are also great benefits for going braless to allow the lymph nodes, concentrated around the breasts, to filter freely. I do this a weekends. A good bra should be functional, comfortable to wear and make a woman feel gorgeous!

By Evie Housham

* Anatomy & Physiology by Seeley, Stephens, Tate.


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